fall into songs about alcohol

For some reason I find that the fall screams for songs about drinking. This must be because along my sweaters and jackets I find sipping on a drink seems a perfect balance to the dropping temperatures. So to that I am going to post some of my favorite songs about drinking.

Hank Williams III - Country Heroes
I think this is my favorite song about drinking ever. The lyrics are just awesome:

"I'm drinkin' some George Jones,
and a little bit of Coe
Haggard's easin' my misery
and Waylon's keepin' me from home
Hank's givin' me those high times -
Cash is gonna sing it low
I'm here gettin' wasted -
here with my country heroes"


The Handsome Family - Bowling Alley Bar

This one just hits me in the gut. I love the harmonies and there is just something so powerful and desperate about these lyrics:

"cause it was never a waste of time
to drink beer by your side
and watch the fallen pins
set up right again"

Cat Power - Lived in Bars live from the Jools Holland show.

I have been a huge Chan Marshall fan ever since I first heard What Would the Community Think about 10 years ago. And i really think this might be her best song ever. And with the knowledge of her battling the demons of the bottle recently this just resonates so much more. My jaw literally dropped when i first heard this one.

and here is the video on youtube.
So much better than that Harmonie Korine video for the first single.

Ballboy - i wonder if you're drunk enough to sleep with me tonight

Doesn't that title just scream "what a fucking great song"? And i think the song is much better than the title.

The Magnetic Fields - Love is like a Bottle of Gin

A perfect ode to boozy love. It really is delicious. I sure hope Stephen Merritt is talking about Hendrick's Gin though.